OrcaTorch D620

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ORCATORCH D620 är en bra kanister lampa väl lämpad för cavern dykning, lite lättare teknisk dykning. eller nattdyket.


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*  Cree XHP70 LED, 2700 lumens output
*  Uses four 18650 Li-ion batteries
*  90°rotary lockable switch offers easy and reliable operation
*  Easy-pack adjustable rotary goodman handle
*  Water pressure resistant construction ,depth rated to 150 meters
*  Over-heat protection
*  Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
*  Over-discharge protection function
*  Aircraft-grade high strength aluminum material

*  The latest diamond grade hard-anodized seawater-corrosion-resistance finish

*   Alloy aluminum reflector with professional optical analysis

*  Two sides coated toughened glass with high water pressure resistance under deep water

ANSI/NEMA FL1 High Middle Low
Output 2700lumen 800lumen 150lumen
Runtime 2h 30mins 8h 50mins 37h
Beam Distance 260m(on land)
Intensity 16870cd
Waterproof Underwater 150m
Working Voltage 5.5-8.4V
Dimension Light Head:83mm(Length) x 50mm(Diameter)

Canister:113mm(Length) x 54mm(Diameter)

Net Weight 681g(Excluding Battery)
Accessories Four 18650 Batteries, charger, handle, Spare O-rings